Language Policy Commission


a) Participate in the definition of the Language Policy of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (general approaches, supply and objectives) and of the mechanisms to implement it.
b) Promote the Catalan language and people polyglotism and multilingualism in the different academic fields, with special attention to English language as a language of international communication.
c) Propose the most appropriate measures to each situation and each collective in order to increment the levels of knowledge, use and quality of the Catalan language in every field of the university life.
d) Ensure that the linguistic legislation of the university is complied and its uses and practices, generally established by the University, are respected.
e) Develop the languages plan to submit to the Governing Council for approval, if necessary.
f) Evaluate, annually, the actions planned in the languages plan and propose the pertinent action plan.
g) Conduct the languages plan statement.
h) Elaborate the regulations and operating rules of the Commission.


Resolució    Language Policy Commission creation